Dream Produce Inc.

A startup that updates "Career Competencies"


"Career Competencies" = The abilities and attitudes needed for each individual to work as they are and to create new value while respecting each other in a diverse environment.

In the age of VUCA, we aim to create a world where each individual can work in our own way and make the most of these diversity.

With the "Career Competencies" as a guideline,

we provide services to increase the possibility of each child to find a suitable job and to have more options for the future through career education from childhood.

Through organisational and human resource development for adults and companies, we provide services to improve abilities, attitudes, skills, and behaviours to create an environment where each individual can continue to work in his or her own way in a diverse environment.

The goal is to create a cycle in which the two work in tandem to update the "career skills" of society.


Dream Produce updates the "Career Competencies" of each individual through
"organisational and human resource development" and "career education".

Org & HR Development


Organisational and human resource development services

Career development by sharing knowledge of the guidelines of behaviour required by each profession and company as "Career Competencie
Career Education

DP Job World

Free career education
web service

DP Job World service
A web service that analyses each child's individuality and deep dive into their career path to find the right job for them.
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Career Education


Regional Work Experience Program (Beta)

ドリプロ職業体験 サービス画面イメージ
A practical program that allows children to experience current jobs in actual workplaces.
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Career Education

DP Online Workshop Service

Online Workshop Service

DREAM PRODUCE global-workshop service
Not only language skills! Online Workshop for Developing Global Career Competencies.
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A team of learning professionals who specialise in educational psychology.


We will update the service outline and functional update information of


Launch of "DREAM PRODUCE Work Experience," a regional work experience program

(New Service) Regional Work Experience Program "Dream Produce Work Experience" started.


Dream Produce beta version Ver.4.0 service update!

Happy to announce that the service is now free! Dream Produce", an in-depth career web service for elementary and junior high school students


Dream Produce beta version Ver.2.0 service update!

"Career Competencies Report" and other functions have been expanded.


Web Service for Parents and Children to Explore Various Careers in Depth Dream Produce" beta version Ver.1.0 released!



The website is now open to the public, and we will update the service overview, functional updates, etc. on this page from now on.


Dream Produce Inc. is a startup that aims to update
the "career capabilities" of individuals
through "organizational and talent development" and"career education".

Dream Produce Inc.
We offer educational tools for children and services related to them.
April 20, 2021
2-21-14-505 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0045 Japan
Seiji Nakano


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